Rally at Trump Campaign Headquarters in Monroeville
People protesting the murder of Antwon Rose II at an intersection in downtown Pittsburgh
New Years Eve sign crew ready to light up first night in Pittsburgh with some racial justice resolve.
This is the What's Up Whitey Hotline Logo It is an orangeish circle with red flames at the bottom. there is a red oldschool phone receiver and hand written black text that says, "what's up whitey hotline" a circle of text surrounding the logo states " questions about racism 412-376-5195)
Free racial justice counseling for white people hosted by what’s up volunteers. Call and leave a message or text 412-376-5195 and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.
New Year’s Eve Parade 2015 “End White Silence”
Protest sign at downtown Pittsburgh George Floyd Protest May 2020
Carlin and etta holding signs in the Southside during neighborhood specific outreach.
Annual Columbus Day Parade Protest