Week 6 Readings – Anti-racist Education for Youth

At each of our biweekly meetings, we discuss a group of readings. These are the readings for week 6.

We are each reading at least 1 blog/zine and 2 chapters from the following lists:


A love letter from Sophia Quintero: A love letter to white allies in the struggle for racial Justice (this letter is the first reading here)

Mothers of Intention: Five Bloggers on Race and Erasure in the Mommy Blogoshpere (This is a rather short blog which interests me cuz its contemporary and discusses technology)
Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind #4 (concrete ways to support children and caretakers in your scene)

Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind #3 (geared toward the non parent radical community ally – Vikki Law has a lot to do with this)


Nuture Shock – New Thinking About Children by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman (2009)
Chapter 3 – Why White Parents Don’t Talk About Race (23 pages)
Does teaching children about race and skin color make them better or worse?

Other People’s Children – Cultural Conflict in the Classroom by Lisa Delpit (first published 1983 book is 1995)
The Silenced Dialogue: Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People’s Children (25 pages) 

I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla – Raising Healthy Black and Biracial Children in a Race-Conscious World (1998)
A Guide for Parent’s and Teachers by Marguerite A. Wright

Chapter 4 – Raising a Racially Healthy Preschooler (17 pages)
Chapter 7 – How School Influences Children’s Awareness of Color and Race (24 pages)

You can download a PDF of all week 6 readings here.


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