Week 7 Readings- Gentrification & End of Session Reflection

At each of our biweekly meetings, we discuss a group of readings. These are the readings for week 7.

When White People Change by bell hooks (15 pages)

White Anti-Racist Organizing in Social Service Agency – Lessons Learned and Unlearned by Kohl and Blitz (20 pages)

Color of Supremacy – Beyond the Discourse of White Privilege by Zeus Leonardo (14 pages)

You can download a PDF of all week 7 readings here.

Youtube movies by Chris Ivy – Pittsburgh African American Filmaker

Fear of Us – Trailer – 2 minutes beautiful

Justin from Shadow Lounge

Malik Bankston of the Kingsley Association and Karen Rollins-Fitch are featured as they discuss the future of Larimer and the impact Bakery Square is about to have on it.

A young woman from the East End of Pittsburgh doesn’t hold in her reasons for hating the most livable city in America.

Snippet from the East of Liberty chapter all about Pittsburgh youth. East of Liberty is a documentary series that focuses on race, class, redevelopment and gentrification.

Story of Good intentions


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