A Weekend with WWHAT’S Up!! Save the Dates!! May 12th and 13th 2012

May 12th Saturday –  8pm 
 in collaboration with the Bricolage Theatre. 

WWHAT’S UP!? will be hosting the conversation at the end of the play.  (check out their whole schedule tho!)
This event costs money but if you want to just show for the conversation at end that’s a possibility!

by LeRoi Jones

A collaboration between Bricolage and the August Wilson Center for African American Culture
Directed by Mark Clayton Southers 
Starring Tami Dixon and Jonathan Berry

This incendiary Obie-award winning play strips away the veneer of peaceful coexistence to expose the dark underbelly of the city where the choices are simple: conform, kill, or be killed. When a white seductress encounters a young black poet on a subway train, idle banter gives way to twisted aggression, and atrocities occur while everybody is looking.

Between the Lines   Conversations about Race Relations in Pittsburgh

We need to talk about race. And since Dutchman is under an hour long, we’re planning a variety of moderated conversations with community leaders and activists following each performance. Please join us!

Below is the calendar of post-show events that will complement performances of Dutchman. Attendance is optional, but we strongly encourage our audiences to stay and participate. Once you’ve attended one, your playbill will admit you to all future post-show conversations (space permitting) at no cost.

May 13th Sunday

Anti-Racism in Conversation –
A Practice Salon
A three hour workshop to practice confronting racism in conversation.

It’s mother’s day. Bring your mom!
Noon – 3pm at Wild Red’s Garden 1100 Normahill Drive, Pgh, PA 15201 in Stanton Heights please use the internet to get directions or call on the day of.. 412-781-3541 Please Park at  intersection of woodbine and fairview and walk down norma hill. Neighbors have sunday dinners . Please don’t park on norma hill. If you need picked up from bus stop or a ride call etta-443-603-6964

Rsvp to mostpeople.etc(at)gmail.com  if you can…so we can get an idea of how many are coming.
For real, how many times a week does someone –friend, stranger, co-worker, boss, family member, neighbor, teammate, artist co-collective member say something racist to you? How hard is it to find appropriate words to confront these statements in a loving articulate totally kicking racism in the ass kind of way? 

Well we are gonna practice talking!  Sounds small but these opportunities to shift consciousness happen everyday.

This event is open to everyone but organized by white people and focused at talking to white people about racism.


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