Humour as Tatic and Strategy in Confronting Racism

June 9th Sunday 2 – 5pm @ Bricolage Theatre Confronting Racism in Conversation

Negid Farsad! New Movie -The Muslims are Coming

W.Kamau Bell Recent Segment a debate”When Jokes arn’t funny”

Video: Where Are You From? No, I Mean Where Are You Really From?

Whether you’re first generation American, second, third, or of Native American descent, everyone in the U.S. has a story of where they’re from. And chances are, in America, you’ve probably been asked where you “come from” more than just once if you’re not caucasian.

In this hilarious video, What Kind of Asian Are You? filmmakers and comedians David Neptune and Ken Tanaka take a stab at the quest to guess origins, often to the point of embarrassment. In it, Scott Beehner plays a friendly jogger, a little too interested in figuring out the heritage of actor Stella Choe.

There are many layers to this video, but one take away from it could be for us to better understand that no matter how different we may look, all U.S. citizens are “real Americans”—whatever that means anyway.

Jen Jajeh – Creator of I Heart Hamas and In Bed with Jen Jajeh

Jay Smooth on Talking about Racism

Beats, Rhymes and Laughs: Culture As a Tool for Racial Justice -radio story from making contact

Artists and creative people have always used culture as a tool for social change. On this edition, excerpts from a panel on racial justice, culture and politics featuring some of today’s most insightful and outspoken artists. “Culture Trumps Politics: or Does It?” took place at the Facing Race conference in November 2012 and was moderated by Applied Research Center’s Rinku Sen.

On the panel are Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas, comedian Negin Farsad, recently named one of the 50 funniest women by the Huffington Post; Lolis Eric Elie, a documentary filmmaker and writer for the HBO show Treme; and Jeff Chang, award-winning author of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation.


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