Poem About Trayvon by Ben Fiorillo

Ben at Pittsburgh for Trayvon Press Conference

do you remember when
vigilantes used to convict black boys and men
for being in the wrong place
for looking the wrong way
hunt them down, pull the trigger,
judge, jury, and executioner
do you remember that?
way back in 2012

and then a jury of their peers

would look at the case
would see themselves in that place
with that fear and hatred in their hearts
and decide that man had a right to stand his ground
who knows what that boy was doing in his town
Trayvon was guilty of walking while being black
George Zimmerman? for his attack?

for shooting a young man through the heart?
for ripping the Martin family apart?
all six agreed
not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty
do you remember that?
way back in 2013?

could it be true

text from a bell hooks tweet

that things haven’t really changed?
(white people i’m talking to you)
what if we pull of the facade
dispense with the myths
and see what’s really going on in our midst
because racial equality really only exists
in textbooks and on tv
and maybe this isn’t a miscarriage of justice
but the system, exactly as its meant to be

so white people we got to stand up to this shit
i am tired of being complicit
maybe i will always be complicit
we are not profiled, stalked, despised
mass incarcerated, beaten up, murdered, terrorized
for our white skin
but just the same, we’re being dehumanized
because its being done in our names
we do not have the wounds of racism on our bodies
but we have them on our souls, we carry this disease
and this culture of white supremacy
is killing everything
and sooner or later, its gonna devour you and me

blurry tired
click picture to find out why these people were at the Mayor’s office at 6am on Wednesday July 17th, 2013



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