Challenging White Supremacy Fall/Winter Study Group

WWHAT’S UP!? will be hosting an 8 Week Study Group for white people to delve into unlearning racism and discuss challenging white supremacy within ourselves and the world.  Readings will accompany every session and some topics include: history, personal transformation, and studying our family story. Participants will also generate topics – in the past we… Continue reading Challenging White Supremacy Fall/Winter Study Group

Articles and Links on Gentrification

Pittsburgh Specific Pittsburgh’s Hill District Undergoing Gentrification – September 8, 2002 Baltimore Sun by Lynette Clemetson Pittsburgh for Trayvon’s Letter to the Urban Redevelopment Authority Article on Lawrenceville Shadow Lounge conspiracy  Audio clip from Rustbelt Radio (10:00 min)  East of Liberty: The Story of Good Intentions Full Movie in 9 parts on youtube Trailer Rustbelt… Continue reading Articles and Links on Gentrification