Challenging White Supremacy Fall/Winter Study Group

study groupWWHAT’S UP!? will be hosting an 8 Week Study Group for white people to delve into unlearning racism and discuss challenging white supremacy within ourselves and the world.  Readings will accompany every session and some topics include: history, personal transformation, and studying our family story. Participants will also generate topics – in the past we have focused sessions on prisons, classism, education, parenting and gentrification.

The meeting will take place every other week during a weeknight that suits the needs of the participants and last 2 – 3 hours. We also have a tradition of alternating who brings food so there will be dinner! Place is To Be Decided. In the past we have met at people’s houses, coffee shops with meeting rooms, and community centers.

This will be the 3rd year of this style of study group and it has been so successful and meaningful to participants we want to do it again.  You can find syllabus’ of our previous study groups on the wwhatsup website

Are you interested? Please RSVP to ( 443-603-6964 by September 30th. Questions welcome! We hope to start the first session of the week of October 14th. We will then collectively select a day of week and work out the details.


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