Chris Crass in the Burgh! October 10th and 11th!

chrisFeminist Vision & Activism for Men

Thursday October 10th —6:30-9pm 

at the First Unitarian Church 605 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2999 (Door on Ellsworth)

This two and 1/2 hour workshop will be for men only, transmen welcome. RSVP to phone? $5 – 25 sliding scale – scholarships available

Feminism is a vision of a better world for all of us.  The violence of sexism impacts our families, communities, social justice movements, and society.  This is a workshop for men who want to explore what feminism means for their lives and social justice efforts, in a supportive, encouraging space.  This is an opportunity for men to talk openly about challenges that hold us back challenging sexism and to develop tools to help us be more effective feminists working for equality and liberation for all.

Creating Healthy Culture to Build Healthy Movements

-Noon – 2pm – Friday – October 11th –  At the Big Idea Bookstore 4812 Liberty Ave.  Lunch Provided – RSVP to  $5-25 sliding scale

Have you ever wondered “how can we transform society when our small activist group is so dysfunctional?”  How many times have you experienced burnout or seen it in others because social justice communities tear each other apart, reproduce the same oppressions in society, and fail to accomplish their goals?  This is a workshop for people who believe we can do better and want to explore and share pro-active strategies to create healthy culture to sustain and nourish our movements for liberation.

Lessons from Social Movements of the Past and Today: From the Abolitionists to the Civil Rights Movement to Occupy Wall Street 

7 – 9pm  Friday October 11th 

At the First Unitarian Church 605 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2999 (Door on Ellsworth)

– $5 – 25 dollars Noone Turned away for lack of funds (no rsvp necessary)

We want to build highly effective and successful movements.  We want to win systemic changes that move our society towards equality and democracy for all.  In short, we want to win big for team liberation.  One of the mottos in the South African anti-Apartheid movement was “revolution is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”  Oppressive power wants to destroy the memory of resistance and people’s movements for liberation.  Let us do something revolutionary and draw lessons from those who have gone before us, to help root us in the courage and victories of the past as we work for social change today.

“In a world screaming for solidarity across all cultures, Chris Crass offers actionable insight for those seeking accountable participation in building a better tomorrow.   Crass’ insights reveal a personal, transformational journey in the context of moving toward that tomorrow.”

– Reverend Wendy von Zirpolo, founding member and past-president of Unitarian Universalist Allies for Racial Equity

Chris Crass is a longtime organizer, educator, and writer working to build powerful working class-based, feminist, multiracial movements for collective liberation.  He has just published his book Towards Collective Liberation, which explores ways of transforming divisions of race, class, and gender into catalysts for powerful vision, strategy, and movement building in the United States today.

Sponsored by Fight Back Pittsburgh, Women Studies Department at UPITT and WWHAT’S UP!?

If you would like Childcare, Spanish Translation or Sign Language interpretation YOU MUST CONTACT – Thanks!                       

3_chris_crass_nigh_resolutionPress Materials Here!

Download Flyer Here!

Download Handbills Here!

Recommended viewing: Alien She exhibition at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University.
See list of all events.

Artists: Ginger Brooks Takahashi (Pittsburgh), Tammy Rae Carland (Oakland), Miranda July (Los Angeles), Faythe Levine (Milwaukee), Allyson Mitchell (Toronto), L.J. Roberts (Brooklyn), Stephanie Syjuco (San Francisco)

Alien She is the first exhibition to examine the lasting impact of Riot Grrrl on artists and cultural producers working today.


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