Confronting Racism in Conversation Fall/Winter Schedule



Racism in Social Media and the Internet – Sunday, Oct 27th from 11 – 2pm at the Bricolage -Downtown – 937 Liberty Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15222

 Facebook, twitter, emails, and comment threads on articles – can be emotionally triggering, challenging and overwhelming. You don’t have to by savy with social media to participate in this discussion. We plan to draw from recent examples to explore the problems and possibility for racial justice on the internet.


Feminism and Race – In conjunction with Alien She: The Lasting Impact of Riot Grrrl

Wednesday, Nov. 13th from 6-8pm  Doors close at 6:30. @ Miller Gallery, 5000 Forbes Ave.

Your encouraged to check out the exhibit before hand. RSVP (requested, not required to NOTE: This is a special event and group discussion not the “conversation salon with role play”


Racism from Friends and Families on Holidays – Sunday – November 17th11 – 2pm at the Bricolage -Downtown – 937 Liberty Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Who is harder to challenge then your racist uncle at the settler colonial holdiday feast known as thanksgiving? Lets talk tactics for confronting friends and families around the holiday.


Weeknight salon for December – Topic, Time and Place to be announced. Several people have asked for weeknight opportunity so we are trying to accommodate this request in December.There is also the nov. feminism conversation during the week.


January – Summit Against Racism is Saturday January 25 –

Save the date! Propose a workshop!


The Details

These conversations are planned by a multi-racial working group with members from WWHATS UP?! and the Pittsburgh Coalition for Racial Justice. These events are open to everyone who wants to talk tactics for confronting white people in conversation.

There is always 1 solid hour of role play for REAL PRACTICE! Give the people what they want. And participants want practice!!

For real, how many times a week does someone –friend, stranger, co-worker, boss, family member, neighbor, teammate, artist co-collective member say something racist to you? How hard is it to find appropriate words to confront these statements in a loving articulate totally kicking racism in the ass kind of way?  Well we are gonna practice talking!  Sounds small but these opportunities to shift consciousness happen everyday.

These events are potlucks –except feminism and race – please bring something to share. Vegan and gluten free appreciated but not necessary.


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