Some Recent Articles Floatin’ Around the WWHAT’S UP?! Discussion List

white immigrants
I for Immigrant a new print from the Wake Up Whitey Series – This alphabet of White Supremacy is a work in progress by etta cetera

Katy Perry Performs in Racist Geisha Costume at the American Music Awards by Jamilah King 11/25/2013 Colorlines

Macklemore Attacked for support of Trayvon Martin at AMA Awards by  David Badash 11/25/2013 The New Civil Rights Movement

Blacking Up: Hip Hops Remix of Race and Identity – This is movie about whites appropriating hip hop.

The Myth of Black Homophobia:Why I’m Not Feeling Macklemore and Why White Saviors Are Anything But by Dennis Upkins 3/12/13 The Bar (Guest Post)

Slave Songs (on Renisha McBride, 12 Years a Slave, Beloved) by Adrienne Maree Brown 11/06/2013

Asking for Help While Black: How it Became a Capital Offense by Brittany Cooper 11/12/2013 Salon

In Defense of a Loaded Word by Ta-Nehisi Coates 11/23/2013 NY Times

Asian American Pacific Islander Leaders Fast for Immigration Reform by Angry Asian Man 11/23/2013

The Banality of Televised Chinese Racism by Matt Schiavenza 11/22/2013 The Atlantic

DNA test Stuns Man Who Wants an All White Town by Rob Quinn 11/12/2013 Newser

Keeping Up Appearances: On Blackness and “Professionalism” by LaTisha Hammond 10/10/13 Black Girl Dangerous

I Never Though I’d Want to High Five a Teacher for Yelling at a Student but i was Wrong by Laura Willard Upworthy

Twitter Racism – An Interactive Map of Hate Speech on Twitter  by Alexis Kleinman 5/14/13 Huffington Post

Read These Blogs by Angry Asian Man

Links collected by members of WWHAT’S!? UP and Allies


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