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Myles Dinnen contributes: Just came across this book The History of White People by  Nell Irvin Painter from 2010. Here’s a Salon article about it, including an interview with the author.

Also ran across this, a scholarly article about whiteness studies in America, how the subject is becoming more popular in academia, written in 2001 by Peter Kolchin…I’m sure it’s even more popular now.



Chris Mason Shared: Allison Hobbs new book Passing as White and started the discussion on the


Ani Defranco Debacle – From the Faulking Truth from  Twitchy  and then there was
 Ani Defrancos response on the Righteous Babe Site and then J Smooth writes on twitter: For ppl asking why I felt let down by Ani Difranco’s statement, I (and others) talked it out a bit in this thread

Rayden Sorock pipes in:

Constantly Coming Out: An Interview with Juba Kalamka

Great interview talking about biphobia, queer vs LGBT, intersectionality, passing, safety, assimilation…

Check out the rest of these interviews by Nia King called: We Want the Airwaves:  QPOC Artists on the Rise Nia King’s trying to figure out if her dream of making a living as an art activist is beyond reach. In this podcast, she seeks advice from other political queer artists, trans artists, and artists of color who seem to have figured out how to make art and make rent without compromising their values.

Michelle Soto collected these resources:
Patriarchal and White Supremacist Feminist Binaries That Oppress Black Women by Gradient Lair

“That’s Racist Against White People!” A discussion on Power and Privilege by Jamie Utt

 Feminist Reprise – book list found here And there is also a library, that includes a section on Feminism and Whiteness, as well as some other rad categories.

There are a lot of rad articles that come off of The Feminist Wire addressing race… you can easily find lots of articles (about white supremacy and other things) by using their search tool.

Michell also feels there are some good articles that come off of Women In The World (part of The Daily Beast)

How to Effectively Derail Any Conversation About Raceby antidotalevidence

Black Female Voices: A public dialogue between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry

QTPOC Chat Episode 1:’Reverse-Racism

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen Creator, Mikki Kendal, Speaks About Women of Color, Feminism.


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