Dismantling Racism in Organizations

At the Summit Against Racism this year, Mary Parker and Tiffany Wilhelm co-facilitated a workshop on “Practical Steps for Dismantling Structural Racism in Organizations.” A follow-up gathering has been set for:
Monday, February 17 at 6 pm 
Bricolage Production Company’s space at
937 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Everyone is welcome whether or not you attended the workshop at the Summit. We want this to be an intentionally multiracial group, please bring a friend. Also, bring a snack to share if you wish.
Notes from the Summit workshop and links to various documents, organizations, and resources are available here:
If you know of others who might like to know about this meeting or future gatherings specifically around dismantling racism in organizations, please forward this email! You (or they) can also share contact info here – we’ll send out notes and next steps to that list. Spread the word!

Questions or more information needed? Contact Mary Parker (mary.parker25@gmail.com) or Tiffany Wilhelm (wilhe.tj@gmail.com).


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