(some) American People’s History Reading Group This Spring!

Coming soon to a Thursday near you…images

Because History is a weapon
(some) American People’s History Reading Group
We will read and discuss three books over the course of seven meetings this spring.
Participation is open for all or any of the sessions. While you can choose to only attend one or several of the sessions sustained participation is encouraged. These sessions are presented by members of WWHATS UP?! and are open to people of all racial backgrounds.
    (image to right was gleaned of internet. respect to creator of it)

Please RSVP to: kinetictornado@gmail.com if you plan to attend, so we know how many to expect!

All sessions will take place at the Big Idea Cooperative Bookstore in the basement on Thursdays from 6:15 to 8:45. 4812 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Dates and syllabus below.

(some) American People’s History 1490-1990 reading group:

A Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn zinn.peoplehistory.cover_1-940

Harvest of Empire By Juan Gonzalez
Race, Reform and Rebellion By Manning Marable

And optional viewing- the African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross; Latino Americans, both available on PBS

The format will largely be participant discussion driven with light facilitation.

3/13 1. 1491-1800 Boats, Genocide and Revolution
– Zinn chapter 1-6
– Gonzalez intro and ch. 1
   Optional Viewing (OV): the African Americans episode on black Atlantic (PBS)

3/27 2. 1801-1865 Manifest Destiny and Civil War
– Zinn ch. 6-10
– Gonzalez ch. 2
OV: Walker (on netflix); Latino Americans, episode 1; African Americans, episode 2

4/10 3. 1865-1914 Reconstruction and Robber Barons
– Zinn ch. 11-13.
– Marable ch. 1Manning-Marable-53_slide
OV: Latino Americans, episode 2; American Experience: Panama Canal

4/24 4. 1914-1945 New Imperialist Power
– Zinn ch. 14-16
– Gonzalez ch. 3
OV: African Americans, episode 3; Latino Americans, episode 3

5/8 5. 1945-1975 Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and Black Power
– Zinn ch. 17
– Marable ch. 2-6
OV: African Americans, episode 4; Latino Americans, episode 4

5/22 6.  Latin America and Vietnam
-Zinn ch.18-19
-Gonzalez ch. 4-9
OV: Latino Americans, episode 5

6/5 7. 1975-1990 Covert Intervention and the Drug War333798843_640
-Zinn ch. 21-23
– Gonzales ch. 10-14
– Marable ch. 7-8
OV: African Americans, episode 5; Latino Americans episode 6


A Peoples History of the United States
For free on the web:http://www.historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html

*PBS: Latino Americans, the African Americans, American experience: Panama Canal
Available for free on the PBS app, and on the Internet at:

Netflix: Walker


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