Sugar, Your in the News

Published in the NYTIMES:

Sugar? Sure, but Salted With Meaning

‘A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby’ at the Domino Plant



Sugar Lovesugar-falling-on-donut-615

(A not so sweet story)

By Rich Cohen

Photograph by Robert Clark

Sugar, Slavery and Health…

Published in National Geographic August 2013



aired on May 13, 2014:


For many Americans, Hawai’i is a tropical playground, the place of surf, sun and dream vacations. Behind the tourist façade, though, is one of the most unique multicultural states in the nation, one still dealing with the complicated legacy of the circumstances under which it become part of this country. And so much of how Hawai’i is now comes back to one game-changing element: sugar. In this episode of SOTRU, we’ll explore the way contemporary Hawai’i is still navigating the legacy of the sugar plantations now in the 21st century.


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