5 Ways for White People To Support Ferguson

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 5.37.27 PM
Dec. 4th – People laying down participating in die on Liberty Ave in Pittsburgh!

Brought to you by The Catalyst Project

In the wake of Mike Brown’s killing, a powerful and inspiring Black-led movement has erupted. Many white people are looking for places to get involved and want to take accountable action to end police violence and anti-Black racism.

Let’s make the most of this movement moment to talk to the people around us, and engage them in conversation and actions around Ferguson

We take inspiration and leadership from Black people fighting for their dignity and freedom, and for those of us who are white, it is our responsibility to support other white people to join the fight against racism.

Here are 5 ways to Get Involved:

1. Talk to White People who are Not Yet Involved 
Commit to having a conversation with at least one person in your life who you think you can move from being a sympathetic bystander to someone who’s ready to take action for justice. We can and must organize other white people. While Ferguson is still in the media spotlight, we have an opportunity and a calling to do just that!

2. Join our Online Action.
On Sunday Dec 14, over a hundred of us will post an article speaking directly to other white people about Ferguson and racism, but you must sign up to join! Help us spread the word.

3. Learn about the #BlackLivesMatter Movement
This piece by #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Alicia Garza is a great place to start.

4. Donate to Organizations on the Ground in Ferguson
This is a fantastic resource compiled by Resource Generation that lays out 9 organizations on the ground in Missouri who need your financial support. Also look for local bail funds that are supporting people who are arrested in Ferguson solidarity actions.

5. Join Local Actions
Let’s keep taking our collective outrage to the streets. Solidarity actions continue to take place across the country.  Some of them are listed here.  Check out the websites and social media of Black organizations nationally and in your area to see what else is happening. Invite white friends and family to join you.


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