White Solidarity Action Sundays this Winter

In response to recent national uprisings demanding racial justice and the harsh reality of continued police & state sanctioned repression, members of WHAT’S UP?! are hosting a 6 week study and action camp. There will be 10-20 pages of readings each week.  The first 3 weeks are study and dialogue only. On the 4th week we will engage in creative dialogue in public spaces.

This Winter – January 4th – February 9th — Every Sunday from 12 – 3pm

-Space to be announced depending on size of group.

RSVP by December 24th to Amanda at essiestander@gmail.com

Let us know if you have any accessibility needs.

Action Days – January 25th,  February 2nd,  February 9th Details TBA 12 – 3pm

The creative dialogue actions are open to any participants.More information coming soon.


I think this, more than anything, is the source of our trouble when it comes to racial division in this country. The inability of white people to hear black reality—to not even know that there is one and that it differs from our own—makes it nearly impossible to move forward. But how can we expect black folks to trust law enforcement or to view it in the same heroic and selfless terms that so many of us apparently do? The law has been a weapon used against black bodies, not a shield intended to defend them, and for a very long time.     –Tim Wise

Caution White People!1


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