The Chief, The Scream, The Crooked Room, The First Slavery Museum, The Anti-Prison Movement and more..

Pittsburgh’s Police Chief—the #EndWhiteSilence Twitpic Cop—Isn’t What He’s Cracked Up to Be His “challenge racism” Twitpic made him a folk hero, but his actions as chief don’t back up his reputation in the media. By: Jason Johnson Posted: March 2 2015 3:00 AM The Root

Darren Wilson Is Cleared of Rights Violations in Ferguson Shooting By ERIK ECKHOLM and MATT APUZZO MARCH 4, 2015 New York TImes

Here are some of the Worst Parts of the DOJ report by  |  By Posted: 03/04/2015 7:15 pm EST

Navigating a ‘Crooked Room’: Reflections From Black Women on their Experiences in Progressive Spaces by Jasmine Burnett, National Black Network for Reproductive Justice February 25, 2015 – 5:00 pm

Building the First Slavery Museum in America By DAVID AMSDEN February 26, 2015 – New York TImes

Love Rests in the Scream By Brooklyn Payton Feminist Wire “Western culture is cloaked in the act of productivity and we don’t genuinely know how to witness and empathize with suffering because it causes sensations of discomfort. The manifestation of productivity is our detachment from our own pain.  We shut ourselves down and, in turn, we try to “fix ourselves” through others.“–Brooklyn Payton

The Worrying State of the Anti-Prison Movement by Ruth Wilson Gilmore* Posted February 23, 2015 on Social Justice Journal

“Justifiable” White Violence And The History Of The Criminalization Of Blackness We must, all of us, insist that one life in this country doesn’t have more value than another. By Edward Rhymes  @drRhymes | August 29, 2014

Racial Equity Tools Website

Challenging the Whiteness of Mental Illness posted on MEDIUM couldn’t find authors name

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.37.20 PM

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