Walter Scott, Hillary Clinton, Billie Holiday, Jessica Hernandez, Andre Gray, and more…

White Supremacy and the Killing of Walter Scott April 14, 2015 By Crystal Fleming on Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton: Good for White Feminism, Bad for Racial Justice April 12, 2015 Jessie Daniels published on Racism Review

The Hunting of Billie Holiday and the Roots of the US War on Drugs Tuesday April 7, 2015 Democracy Now!

tumblr_nm3o2jYyc91sb8n0lo1_500Pasadena Police Retaliate, Arrest Local Black Lives Matter Organizer Joint statement from #BlackLivesMatter-LA and Pasadena on the arrest of Jasmine Richards Black Lives Matter – March 30, 2015

Hillombo Justin Laing talking about some of what has, is and could happen in Pittsburgh’s Hill District

Updated: Final Arrangements for Andre ‘Pokie’ Gray March 29, 2015 by Sue Kerr – Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

Questions Linger for LGBT Community After Police Kill Jessie Hernandez Februrary 18, 2015 Jamilah King Colorlines

Nothing to Add – A Challenge to White Silence in Racial Discussions by Robin DiAngelo

Whites Fighting Racism What it’s About  By Ricardo Levins Morales

White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Meet Me Halfway Milwaukee Stories a book by Jennifer Morales

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