Art All Night – This Saturday!

weneedyousignNew and veteran street team sign holders, stranger talkers, conversation openers, spectacle makers: hi!

Come out and be a presence at Art All Night in Lawrenceville this Saturday April 25  from 8-10pm. We will meet up out front of the main spot, 4001 Willow St, the warehouse at the corner of 40th and Willow.

Expect to talk to strangers, be outside, work in teams, and be brave.

We will group up at 8pm to prep and deploy. We will have the signs that have been used for other recent actions, and if we can get 16 people we could do the light-up sign.

If you can’t stay the whole time, come for part of it!
Some people were especially interested in focusing conversations around gentrification, especially in Lawrenceville, where the interplay of class and race dynamics in the “development” of different Pittsburgh neighborhoods is very real and could make for great intersectional conversations.

If you have any resources you want to hand out bring copies because our walking mobile info shop will be in effect!

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