Survey on Racism in Pittsburgh Public and Private Schools K- 12

WHAT’S UP?!, a group founded to support and encourage white people to address racism, is in the process of creating anti-racism trainings for white educators in Pittsburgh to be held this summer. In preparation we are surveying  students, parents and educators to gain deeper understanding of how we can tailor these trainings to be most effective in building safe, equitable, and empowering school environments for students. We want this survey to spark collaboration about how we can collectively use this information in the best ways. If you know of similar efforts, please help us make connections– we welcome your concerns and value your insights.

Racism in Pittsburgh Schools?

Over the past 6 months, members of WHAT’S UP?! have heard many instances of racism in different educational settings across Pittsburgh from parents, students and educators. These include students of color feeling overlooked and criminalized, parents of color feeling demeaned and disrespected when advocating for their children, and teachers of all backgrounds unable to successfully address their concerns. In addition to these upsetting situations, we have received many requests for support from white educators looking for anti-racism training.

Why the Focus on White Educators?

We are designing these trainings for white educators because WHAT’S UP?! focuses on supporting white people in addressing racism by transforming themselves and their workplaces. It is often said that white people listen to white people with different ears, meaning that white people may dismiss criticism or information about racism when it comes from people of color. It has also been said that the responsibility of teaching white people about racism should not fall on the backs of people of color. We agree. For more on this philosophy click here

Take Our Short Survey!

We have created 3 surveys for Educators, Students, and Parents. Summary of the findings may be made public but no identifiable situations will be shared.  The survey participants will remain anonymous. We want this to be a space for people to share openly without fear of retribution. Any concerns you have about sharing information please let us know. You have the option of providing your contact information if you want to stay connected with WHAT’S UP?! Please participate by May 31st!

Students take the survey HERE
Parents take the survey HERE
Educators take the survey HERE

Thank you so much your time. Your feedback is a gift.
Amalia, Rose, Jess and etta
the Education Committee of WHAT’S UP?!

For more information or questions please contact:  — facebook — @endwhitesilence —

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