Ghosts of Iguala – Mexico: Case Unravels In Dissappearance of 43 Students

By Ryan Devereaux published on the Intercept with help from Andalusia Knoll and probably others

Read Part 1 here 
THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN just after sundown. At a dimly lit intersection in Iguala, police with automatic weapons surrounded three buses loaded with college students. The police opened fire. Screaming that they were unarmed, the students fled down darkened alleys, pounding on doors, desperate for shelter. Gunmen put the city on lockdown, stalking the streets in a drizzling rain. Keep Reading

Read Part 2 here 
Far from an isolated incident, the disappearance of 43 young men in one evening of violence was unique mainly in the attention it received. Their story is emblematic of the country’s crisis of unsolved disappearances, secret graves and the integration of organized crime into law enforcement and politics. As the mother of one of the disappeared students put it, “The police are disguised within the narco-traffickers … They are one.” Keep reading
And here is a powerful and heartbreaking photo essay from the community of Omeapa, where 3 of the disappeared students hail from.  
In Omeapa, as intimacy dissolves, private pain spills silently out of the three houses, runs through the lanes of the village, and the familial quickly becomes communal.

See more photos here
Here is a Democracy Now! Interview with the author 

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