Just a few October Events!

“Machete Kisumontao el Documental” film screening, part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Carlow University, October 8, 7 pm

Friday October 9th  – 3 o’clock at the Nina and the Pinta – floating museums of colonialism that are parked at station square. Engage people in conversation! Hand out flyers! Maybe take the tour to see what kind of history they are floating.  Look for Michelena michelena.wolf@gmail.com and Shane.

 Saturday Oct. 10th – 10:30 at the Columbus Day Parade in Bloomfield. Meet at friendship park. We will have infoshop and a lot of signs.  Look for a group of us in the park or if your late walk to Liberty and see if you can spot us. We will have tall signs. Contact etta – writealetta@gmail.com

Film screening: “Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance,” William Pitt Union, October 10. Facebook event.
Garden of Peace Project presents QTPOC Elders Series: Kelly E Parker, Garden of Peace Project, October 11. 4 – 7 pm. Facebook event.

Monday, October 12th – 1pm , Confrontolumbus! What’s Up?! members will meet at end of Smithfield Bridge near station square because that’s where the replica’s of the  Nina and the Pinta  are.  Dress in your best middle school teacher garb, we are going to be handing out pop quizzes. RSVP to kinetictornado@gmail.com

Indigenous People’s Day Celebration. Meet at Cathedral of Learning, October 12, 5 pm.

Indigenous Solidarity and Climate Justice Discussion and Fundraiser. October 13, William Pitt Union, rm 510, 8 pm.

Tambour de. Caribya: 2nd Afro cuban orisha song, music and dance workshop, 2301 Wylie Avenue, October 17. Facebook event.

The People’s Court: Judicial Candidates Forum. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Homewood Branch 7101 Hamilton Ave, October 206 – 9 pm. Facebook event.

All October through November, India in Focus. For six weeks this fall, through more than a dozen arts experiences, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust brings into regional focus a selection of art and culture from the Republic of India. The showcase features classic and contemporary styles in visual art, theater, dance, music, and more with work from globally-acclaimed artists, whose work is as diverse as India’s multi-faceted culture1412660284952_wps_27_Seattle_United_States_6th

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