Press Release: Day of Action 4/13/16


Contact: Ben Fiorillo – 412-482-0041, Brandi Fisher – 412-628-5849

Pittsburgh unites to say that Trump’s message racism and hate is not welcome here

WHAT’S UP?! Pittsburgh, Three Rivers Rising Tide, The Fourth Wave, Fossil Free Pitt, and hundreds of Pittsburghers will join together Wednesday for a number of actions aimed at building community and disrupting Donald Trump’s campaign stops in Pittsburgh.

Trump’s campaign has provided a toxic new platform for racism, stoking fears and anger that has lead directly to violence against People of Color. This is having an impact on our communities here in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. In recent months we’ve seen growing hostility toward Muslims and immigrants, attacks on Latino businesses, and more police violence against Black people.

According to Nichole Faina, a member of WHATS UP, “This violence is an escalation of decades of violence and discrimination against People of Color in Pittsburgh and beyond, sanctioned by a criminal justice system which targets and criminalizes Black communities in particular. Trump’s extremist views already live in Pittsburgh.”

Trump’s message is also filled with misogyny, homophobia, and discrimination against people with disabilities.

At 2:30 members of WHAT’S UP, Fossil Free Pitt, and The Fourth Wave, will meet outside the Frick Fine Arts Building in Oakland for a family friendly gathering called “Love Trumps Hate”. This event will demonstrate an alternative to the fear, hate, and racism of the Trump campaign, providing opportunities for making art, sharing culture, community education, and creative protest.

At 4:30, student groups at the University of Pittsburgh will gather with community allies at the corner of 5th Avenue and Bigelow to protest Donald Trump’s appearance with Sean Hannity at Soldiers and Sailors Hall.

And at 5:30pm, WHATS UP Pittsburgh, Three Rivers Rising Tide, and hundreds of other Pittsburghers will gather at the corner of Liberty Ave and Grant St. downtown. At the same time another group led by the ANSWER Coalition will meet at 12th St. and Smallman St. Both groups will join together and march on the Convention Center to show that Trump and his message of racism and hate are not welcome in Pittsburgh. The message will be loud and clear: “Blame Billionaires, Not Black and Brown Communities”. Ben Fiorillo, also a member of WHATS UP explains, “Trump’s supporters have legitimate anger about the state of the economy. But by supporting Trump, they’ve picked the wrong hero and the wrong villains, just like they’ve been encouraged to do by elites for generations- they’re scapegoating Muslim people, Women, Black folks, and Immigrant Communities instead of blaming the TRUE architects of the mess we’re in: Wall Street Bankers, The War on Terror, and Neoliberal Economics.”

Today, Pittsburghers will join the thousands of people rising up across the country against the racism spewed by Trump. But this is bigger than Trump. We are rising up against the system of white supremacy and structural racism behind Trump’s popularity. We are joining the Black Lives Matter Movement, the movement for Immigrant Justice, and the movement against Islamophobia. We are in solidarity with Fight for 15, the movement for Reproductive Justice, and for LGBTQ Liberation. And we are continuing the long tradition of freedom movements led by People of Color that have always stood up to oppression in America.

For more information, please visit and WWHAT’S UP?! Pittsburgh on facebook and @endwhitesilence on Twitter.


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