Post-election Resources


Members have been sharing resources from online to help us process, heal, and take action following the outcome that Trump will be the next president, and to address the rise in hate and bigotry that has been increasing.

Please feel free to use and share these, and comment with any others you have found helpful.


Collaborative document: Pgh Area Organizations for Social Justice:

Housing Summit Pittsburgh news:

Damon Young: This is what white supremacy looks like

Everyday Feminism: Resources to help process the election

Chris Crass: Notes to white antiracists the day after Trump’s election

How not to say the wrong thing:

Everyday Feminism: How to process emotions without ‘white tears’: White fragility:

“Woke” white people shock that racism won the presidency:

How Trump made hate intersectional:

Alternet: Stop asking me to empathize with the white working class:

Teaching Tolerance: Responding to hate and Bias at School:

Trump is a white people problem:

Black Girl Dangerous: Donald’s Trump Card: White Women:

From SURJ Action: White people elected Trump. Now what?

Creative Capital: the vitality of daring of artists has never been more important:

US Election Project: 2016 voter turnout numbers

Democrats’ embrace of neoliberalism:

Also, follow out facebook page for more resources, information-sharing, and events hosted by organizations committed to organizing for social justice, and for ways you can support our diverse populations in Pittsburgh.

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