What’s Up with WHAT’S UP?! (And Next Open Meeting 3/23)

WHAT’S UP?! has been going through a process of reorganizing and restructuring since December that was open to anyone who was interested in being a part of that effort. We invite you to read over the agendas/notes from those gatherings.

Want to know more and get involved? Please join WHAT’S UP?! For our first post re-structuring meeting Thursday, March 23rd at 7pm Glitterbox Theater 460 Melwood Ave.

At this meeting we will be spending the majority of the time in breakout working groups that will focus on specific tasks and guidelines. The working groups identified thus far are: social media and website; analysis building and study groups; events and action; administration and leadership. You can plug into one of those groups at the meeting or propose your own group. We’ll also talk about how all the working groups can connect to the resources and wisdom available through connections to SURJ and chapters around the country.

We will also spend a brief amount of time recapping what was done at the three restructuring meetings, and how we are committed to working together going forward.

Still not sure if this meeting is for you? This meeting is for anyone who wants to work on projects that challenge white supremacy in a non-hierarchical, consensus-based group. The leadership and composition of the group has been majority white. Our work is focused on challenging white people (ourselves and others) and white supremacy culture through study groups and analysis building, events and activities, and supporting POC led groups and projects. All people are welcome regardless of race, class, gender, etc. We hope you’ll join us!

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