Racial Justice Muscles – Follow UP

Just wanted to share some resources from the July 9th Racial Justice Muscle Building for White Accomplice virtual event. Thanks to the all the participants!

This video was playing while people arrived!

“Whiteness is the culture of white supremacy.” – Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams

bell hooks gives us the language of never not forgetting the interlocking oppressions  “I began to use the phrase in my work “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy” because I wanted to have some language that would actually remind us continually of the interlocking systems of domination that define our reality “white supremacist ableist hyper capitalist heteronormative patriarchy” 

Angela Davis reminds us that intersectionality did not come from the academic analysis it came from lived experience – “figuring out a way to bring these issues together. They weren’t separate in our bodies but also were not seperate in terms of struggles.”

A word for white people, in two parts. by adrienne maree brown

Links from the Different Break Out Groups:

We passed the hat for these groups last night:

Black Family in Allentown Whose House Burned Over the 4th https://www.gofundme.com/f/blankenship-fire-recovery-fund

TransUniting – benefits Black transgender & non-binary community members in Pittsburgh


New African Independence Party https://www.newafrikan.org/

Soul Fire Farm centers farming and food justice as healing for BIPOC https://www.gofundme.com/f/fortifying-our-foundation-soul-fire-farm

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