What’s Up Whitey Hotline is Up and Running!

[Image Description: Circle logo that has a phone receiver on fire and reads “What’s Up Whitey Hotline” Surrounding the yellow and fire colored ring is text that says “hotline for white people 412-376-5195 questions about racism”]

What’s Up Pittsburgh is launching the What’s Up Whitey Hotline.

That’s What’s Up, Whitey!!
412- 376-5195
Call, text or email with questions regarding racial justice and a volunteer will respond within 24 hours.

What? Why?

The hotline is for white people looking for guidance, resources or a place to process.
We are a group of white volunteers (not certified counselors) committed to ending white supremacy in all its forms.

This hotline was in response to some of our friends of color feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the uptick of white friends asking them for guidance and advice.

We are here for you if you are only beginning to learn about racism or if you are in need of a refresher or just need a sounding board. We invite you to enact racial justice. It’s a lifelong journey; let’s get started.

Do you….

Have basic questions about racism? 
Need to process or unpack an incident?
Have trouble talking to your co-workers? 
Feel overwhelmed? 
Struggle with white guilt? 
Want to take action but don’t know where to start? 
Feel out of the racial justice loop–as if the rules are changing and you don’t know how to act?

What’s Up?! Whitey Hotline
412- 376-5195

Call, text or email with questions regarding racial justice and a volunteer will respond within 24 hours.


What’s Up Pittsburgh is a decentralized network of white people & (very few but some people of color) who support, challenge and encourage ourselves and other white people standing up for racial justice and dismantling white supremacy in all it’s forms. We have been around since 2011.

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