Racial Justice Muscle Building in September

Whats Up Pittsburgh is hosting our third Racial Justice Muscle Building for White Accomplices.

September 24, Thursday
6pm to 8pm
Register Here

We are a decentralized network of white people & (very few but some people of color) who support, challenge, and encourage ourselves and other white people standing up for racial justice and dismantling white supremacy in all its forms. This event is Pittsburgh-Centric but all are welcome. The main goal is to hold space, connect, and inspire people to push themselves further from wherever they are. 

This month we are offering a choice of one the following hour-long sessions:

  • Parenting/Caregiving interracial families, Open discussion
  • Reparations: The What, Why, and How of a Socioeconomic Amends
  • Workplace Anti-Racism Groups
  • Abolition 101, Part 1
  • Frustrating conversations: Creative and embodied approaches to shifting our interstate

Followed by a group check-in and Q&A 🙂

If you would like ASL interpretation, please request by registering for the event 48 hours in advance so we can make arrangements. 

If you do not identify as white but are interested in attending you are more than welcome.

Hope to see you there! 

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