Apr. 29th Racial Justice Muscle Building

Image with text that highlights event info shared in this post.

This is What’s Up?!’s 6th Racial Justice Muscle Building Event. They are virtual spaces that are predominately Pittsburgh and Western PA-centric but all are welcome. The main goal is to hold space, connect, and inspire people to push themselves further from wherever they are. 

In the past we have had spaces to support people challenging racism at work, talking to family members, doing the internal de programming white supremacy work, prison abolition and reparations.

This month, Thursday April 29th, we will offer a choice of two-three 90-min long sessions. While we plan to have a variety of types of sessions, we want to take your questions and suggestions into account. There is space on the sign up link to let us know what you’d like to discuss.

Register Here

At this time, we are planning to offer a breakout for folks in the tech industry and another breakout on themes including scarcity, abundance, self interest, mutual interest, our sense of worth and worthiness, and accountability.

If you would like ASL interpretation, please request by registering for the event 48 hours in advance so we can make arrangements. 

Hope to see you there! 

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