Part of the ethos of What’s Up?! is that members are involved in other groups working on racial justice. The following is an ever-growing list of our connections:

Anti-racism groups at local churches
Anti-racist parent group
BIG IDEA Bookstore and Cooperative
Summit Against Racism
Community Living and Support Services (CLASS)
Center for Coalfield Justice
Center for Race and Social Problems at the University of Pittsburgh
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Museum of Natural History traveling exhibition – RACE: Are We So Different?
Disability Justice group
Dismantling Racism in Organizations group
Extreme Energy Summit anti-racism group
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Coalition on Racial Equity in the Arts
Human Rights Coalition – Fed-Up! Chapter in Pittsburgh
Human Rights City – Structural Racism Committee
Kelly Strayhorn Theater
Let’s Get Free – Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee
Lost Boys Group for feminist men
Make it our UPMC
Polish Hill Civic Association
Shalefield Justice Spring Break
Talking to Our Kids About Race
The Birth Circle 
Three Rivers Arts Festival
Union Project
Vietnam Family Culture Camp
Yellowbridge Childcare Collective


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