Person of Color Caucus

Did you know that What’s Up?! Pittsburgh has a Person of Color Caucus?
If you are a Person of Color, even if you are privileged in terms of socioeconomics or education or something else, it is a certainty that your humanity and dignity arechallenged due to your race in ways that white people will NEVER experience.

Recognizing the pain and the struggle that so many individuals and communities face due to the reality of racism in their daily lives (and deaths), WU?!’s people of color caucus strives to create safe spaces. What does this look like?  WE DON’T KNOW.  Except in small and temporary ways, such spaces don’t really exist in this country.  And, even when they do, they are often perceived as threats to white supremacy, so they are dismissed, violently attacked, politically denigrated, increasingly policed, and otherwise obstructed.

So, we are building our own, unimagined safe space as we go. While our stalwart (white) WU?! friends and allies bear the brunt of public scrutiny, the caucus of people of color is working to heal ourselves in community and solidarity without a focus on educating white folk, at least for a little while.
If you are a person of color in Pittsburgh and want to help us build safe spaces, support networks, and places for resting between anti-racist efforts, reach out to WU?! at The people who respond to your email don’t have all the answers, but we hope that we can ask the questions together.