2009 – Study Group on Classism

Below is a syllabus and links to readings for a study group on class that was put together in 2009. OH! how much better it could be now! We had not read these readings before hand. Still it was ok for jumping off discussion points. They documents are uploaded on scibd – you just need to login and then you can download for free.

Week 1 – —First Class – Introductions

– Definitions
– Shadowy lines that still Divide by Jarry Scott and David Leonhadt (25)
– Encounters with Class – vignettes by multiple authors (4)
– Narratives – by bell hooks – (not in the download. not sure were this pdf)
*not in download–Class Action defines Middle Class – http://www.classism.org/resources_middle.html
*not in download –Cross Class Couples. http://www.classism.org/resources_cross.html (has downloadable questionnaire for cross class couples)

Week 2 — Race and Class I
–Overview: The Roots of Racial Wealth Divide
–Rainbow Economics: Closing the Racial Wealth Divide
–Dread Sisters, Indigenous Voice by Masoni Alexis Deveaux
–Crime, Punishment and Economic Violence – from Incite Anthology

Week 3  — Immigration and Class

– Immigration and Environmental Campaign (3)
– Language of Immigration (1)
– Stereotypes persist even where Immigrants Don’t by Jeff Kluger (2)
– Immigrant Activist Call Illegal Alien Costumes (2)
– Report Immigration Raids Violated Rights (2) NYX AP
– Crack Down Upends Slaughterhouses Work Force Steven Greenhouse (4pg)

Week 4 – Gender/Sexuality and Class
-Feminist Class Struggle by bell hooks
-Domestic Service and Women of Color in United States by Mary Romero (23)
– Compliance is Gendered: Struggling for gender self determination in a hostile economy by Dean Spade (14)

Week 5 – Movie! Stranger with a Camera – 61 minutes – Readings Here

Stranger with a Camera investigates the 1967 killing of Canadian filmmaker Hugh O’Connor who was shot while capturing images of poverty in the Kentucky coalfields. Director Elizabeth Barret looks at the death of O’Connor and the motivation of Hobart Ison, the irate property owner who shot him. Through her exploration of the tragic incident and its aftermath, Barret reflects on the nature and consequence of media making.
– Homophobic Workers or Elitist Queers by Joanna Kadi (7)
– White Trash Blues (1) Geared to middle and upper class audience

Week 6 — –International Spin – Global Classism– Possibility of showing movie Life in Debt

–Transnational Feminist Practices Against War (5)
Statement by Paola Bacchetta, Tina Campt, Inderpal Grewal, Caren Kaplan , Minoo Moallem, Jennifer Terry oct. 2001
–Population and Development Toward Social Justice Agenda by Asoka Bandorage (13)
–Frightening Bedfellows Pop culture and Imperialism by Joanna Kadi (4)
–Reading from Bekezela – Jamacia Kincaid. A Small Place

Week 7  – -Institutionalized Class

– I went to College and all I got was this Trailer Trash T-Shirt by Kat Marie Yoas (2)
– Minorities have trouble getting help (mental health) helpplace.com (2)
– The climate Gap by Hayes Morehouse (2)
– Third World bears brunt of Global Warming by Paroma Basu (2)
– Life at the Top just isn’t Just better, It’s Longer by Jarry Scott (20)
– At the Elite Colleges – Dim White Kids by Peter Schmidt
– A Voyage Out (or is it back?); Class and Disability in my Life by Lennard Davis

Week 8 — – Pittsburgh and Class  how class plays out in local media coverage

–Father of Boy Burned by Space Heater – Newspaper article (1)
–G20, Pittsburgh Didn’t Invite You to the Party by Hannah Dobbz – (2)
–Poplawski’s Grandmother protests at a Family Home by Sadie Gurman ppgazette (2)
–Donor of G20 Welcome Board past supporter of Hate Groups by Dennis Roddy (3)
–Weed ‘n Seed & Pittsburgh (2 pages

Week 9 — – the Rich Class

– Five Bedroom, Six Figure Rootless Life by Peter Kulbon (18)
– When the Jones wear Jeans by Jen Steinhauer (12)
– Create your money story/Self Made Man
– The invisibility of the Upper class (1)
– Class Checklist (1)
– Social Class Privilege (1)

Week 10 — Activism and Class

-Elitist Language by Peter Gelderloss (3)
-It’s not “them” it’s us! by Betsy Leondar Wright (5)
-Strengthen Our Organization by Felice Yeskel
-Confronting Classism by War Resisters League (3)
-Exploring Eco privilege

Other Suggested Readings:
 Dorothy Allison
Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz 

Movie – Born Rich – they have it at dreaming ant. made by the the heir to the johnson and johnson company. interviews children of extreme wealthy. etta thought it was interesting.

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