2013/14 Study Group – Challenging White Supremacy

Week 1 – Monday October 21st

This meeting we will spend a lot of time talking about logistics of the study group. These Readings are all on the shortish side. We will definitely be discussing the first article.

1. “What is White Supremacy?” Betita Martinez
Download/Read Here ( page 32 on the pdf: the last article: 4 pages)

2. Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh

3. Tim Wise and the Failure of Privilege Discourse by Robtheidealist –Includes a 16 minute video.

Week 2 – Monday November 4 th — Some History

History (Class and Colonial Homo/Transphobia) Readings

The Color of Wealth – Chapter 1 – (17 pages)
Queer (In)justice – Chapter 1 (19 pages) Starts on page 18 of pdf

Video’s and Audio

Columbus History Youtube (5 minutes)

What Kind of Asian Are you – 2:20 Youtube Movie

Try to watch/listen to one of the following. They are all about an hour.

The Black Atlantic The Black Atlantic” explores the global experiences that created the African-American people. Beginning a century before the first documented “20-and-odd” slaves came to Jamestown, Virginia, the episode portrays the earliest Africans, slave and free, who arrived on these shores. The transatlantic slave trade soon became a vast empire connecting three continents.

Latino Americans PBS – Episode 1: Foreigners in Their Own Land (54 minutes)

Harvest of Empire – Radio Story on Making Contact Today, in part one, Juan Gonzalez traces the history of Guatemalan, Dominican, and Mexican migration to the United States.

Additional Readings:
The Color of Wealth – Starts on page 37 of pdf. Excerpts page 62 has stories from Asian American immigrants.

Slave Trade:Coolie Trade – 2 pages

Modern Day Slavery – Walk Free Movement  – Democracy Now reports:  A new report by the Walk Free Foundation has found there are nearly 30 million people living in slavery around the world. October 18, 2013

Week 3 – Nov. 18th – Personal Transformation

From White Racist to White Anti-Racist – only to page 17 – by Dismantling Racism Works

Love is the Practice of Freedom by Bell Hooks 6 pages

Barriers to Organization Between Anti-Racist White People by Joanie Mayer 10 pages

Racism is to White People Like Wind to the Sky by Sunny Drake Part 1 and Part 2 with Chanelle

Additional/optional readings:
Creative poetry expressions

Week 4 – Dec. 2nd – Gender, Sexuality and Race

“Desirability: Or, Why That White Ally Who Dates All the Brown Queers Needs To Stop It” by Mia McKenzie

“Jumping off the broom” By Aisha C. Moodie-Mills | January 19, 2012–Why Black Gay and Transgender Americans Need More Than Marriage Equality
 “Queer Rage” from LGBT Students of Color: Poetry Performance Critiques Marriage Politics, and Is Badass
 by QWOC Media Wire
The Peculiar Kind SS1Episode2 (Abstract)Episode two of The Peculiar Kind explores the term “Gender Roles”. Masculinity, Femininity, Heteronorms, Labels & more. More Episodes here

Week 5 – Dec. 16th –  Non Profit Industrial Complex – Working Inside Institutions

White Supremacy Culture and Antiracist Organizational Development  from DRWorks

Pittsburgh’s community-based nonprofits are assets too! – Part I, Part II, and Part III

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives (explore these websites)




On Keeping Up Appearances: Blackness and Professionalism by by LaTisha Hammond on Black Girl Dangerous

Sprout grant application in your email.

See Sprout Fund’s prompt to the funding program to which the applicant applied here

Optional: Tim Wise “How to Dismantle Racism in Organizations” Video
(long but worth it! 45 min talk, then long q & a)

Week 6 – January 6th – Family History

1.  Family History Research Questions

2.  Time and Distance Overcome by Eula Bliss

3. Love Letter From Ariel Lucky

Choose One of the Following 
All in Shared Document-You can Download/Read of the Week Readings here.
-On Being White and Other Lies; A History of Racism in the U.S. by Mab Segrest (45 pages)
– Patrimony by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz from Red Dirt Growing up Okie (6 pages)
-Italian Americas: Say Basta to Columbus (4 pages)
-How did Jews Become White Folks by Karen Bodin Sacks (22 pages)
– Jews in the U.S. The Rising Cost of Whiteness by Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz (17 pages)
– Time Traveling and Border Crossing Reflections on White Identity by Beck Thompson (17 pages)

Week 7 January 20th – Class History

Class Characteristics – Use this to identify the class you grew up in.

Class History Homework

First 2 pages Basic Definition of Class/Classism
Optional – Read One or All of the Following.

Climbing the Up Escalator: White Advantages and Wealth Accumulation from the Color of Wealth

Tips from Working Class Activists from Class Matters–including reducing classism in non-profit organizations

Stranger with a Camera – Movie – I have this movie if anyone wants to borrow it -Michelle is gonna organize a screening at her house. Stranger with a Camera investigates the 1967 killing of Canadian filmmaker Hugh O’Connor who was shot while capturing images of poverty in the Kentucky coalfields. Director Elizabeth Barret looks at the death of O’Connor and the motivation of Hobart Ison, the irate property owner who shot him. Through her exploration of the tragic incident and its aftermath, Barret reflects on the nature and consequence of media making.

POOR magazine
Born Rich Movie – They have it library
Class Matters – Cool website
Jobs for Justice – Awesome organizers

Week 8 – February 4th – Solidarity and Practice

Powerful Partnerships: Transformative Alliance Building
by Shelly Tochluk and Cameron Levin, AWARE-LA

Tools for White Anti-Racist Organizers – Page 38 on the PDF

No More Allies by Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous

The Problem with Privilege  by Andrea Smith

On Allyship, Abuse, Identity, and Solidarity – and How to Make a Damn Difference  Mid Sentence Revelation Blog

Being an Ally – From If I Can’t Dance Am I Still My Revolution? Explores critique of term ally from disability justice perspective. GREAT! Follow the links in article!


Unsettling America – Allyship  Decolonization in Theory & Practice

Being an ally/building /solidarity Southerners on New Ground

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  1. Thanks for linking to the story at Orchestrated Pulse, and I’m glad to see people engaging in this work.

    I’d love to hear updates about how the study group is doing!

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