2011/12 Study Group – Challenging White Supremacy

Readings for Winter 2012 Group

To see the readings in order of organization by week, consult the following links:

Week 1 Readings – Accountability

 Powerful Partnerships: Transformative Alliance Building
Mission Statement of European Dissent, New Orleans

‘Passing it On:’ Reflections of a White Anti-Racist Solidarity Organizer
Tools For White Anti-Racist Organizing

Week 2 – Intro History and What is White Supremacy Readings

Love as the Practice of Freedom
Transcription of a Speech by James Baldwin
Domination Politics
What is White Supremacy?

Week 3- Personal Transformation Readings

From White Racist to White Anti-Racist: The Lifelong Journey
White Supremacy Culture
Anti-Racist Organizational Development
Anti-Racism Assessment Chart

Week 4- Some More History (Class and Colonial Homo/Transphobia) Readings

The Color of Wealth – Chapter1
Queer (In)justice – Chapter 1
Additional Readings:
The Color of Wealth – Excerpts
The Immediate Need for Emotional Justice (article on Crunk Feminist website)

Week 5- Family History Readings

Toni Morrison – On the Backs of Blacks
James Baldwin – On being White and Other Lies
Ariel Lucky – Love Letter and Poem

We also will Choose one of the following Articles – All in Shared Document
-On Being White and Other Lies; A History of Racism in the U.S. by Mab Segrest (45 pages)
– Patrimony by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz from Red Dirt Growing up Okie (6 pages)
-Italian Americas: Say Basta to Columbus (4 pages)
-How did Jews Become White Folks by Karen Bodin Sacks (22 pages)
– Jews in the U.S. The Rising Cost of Whiteness by Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz (17 pages)
– Time Traveling and Border Crossing Reflections on White Identity by Beck Thompson (17 pages)

Week 6 Readings – Anti-racist Education for Youth–

having trouble with this pdf. working on it..

Week 7-Readings – Gentrification

When White People Change by bell hooks (15 pages)
White Anti-Racist Organizing in Social Service Agency – Lessons Learned and Unlearned by Kohl and Blitz (20 pages)
Color of Supremacy – Beyond the Discourse of White Privilege by Zeus Leonardo (14 pages)

Youtube movies by Chris Ivy – Pittsburgh Filmaker

Fear of Us – Trailer – 2 minutes beautiful
Justin from Shadow Lounge
Malik Bankston of the Kingsley Association and Karen Rollins-Fitch are featured as they discuss the future of Larimer and the impact Bakery Square is about to have on it.
A young woman from the East End of Pittsburgh doesn’t hold in her reasons for hating the most livable city in America.

Snippet from the East of Liberty chapter all about Pittsburgh youth. East of Liberty is a documentary series that focuses on race, class, redevelopment and gentrification.

Story of Good intentions

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