Sample Workshop Agendas

Below are a couple Agenda’s from our first couple Conversation Salons
Agenda for Confronting Racism in Conversation – a 3 hour practice Salon – July 22nd 2012
(20 minutes) Introduction
1.     Go Over Agenda – Welcome – Introduce facilitators
2.     Wwhat’s UP!? Point out Racism definitions
3.     GO Around -Name, Pronoun, Why are you Here? Anything we need to know to make you more comfortable?
4.     Go Over the Amendable Community Agreements  – Assumptions –
(15 minutes) Snowball Fight –
Write about a circumstance in your life that happened recently that involved racism coming up in conversation.
crinkle. throw. pick a new. go around popcorn. read and discuss as a group.  Were not gonna get to all of them. If you having burning desire SPEAK
(15 minutes) Talkin’ bout Talkin  –
Why is it hard? What does successful conversation look like? Why do you want to talk about racism?  Talkin Tactics – Active Listening
(10 minutes) Intervention Forum TheatreGetting it together   –Use snowball stories instead of generating new ones.  Break into 4 groups. Keep your snowballs and groups read their snowballs and choose scenario. Choose people to act out scenario. Do a short run through. Don’t need to be a Hollywood production!! Goal role play for whole group to Intervene in.
(30 minutes) – Acting it out  – Get people back together. Group by group act out scenarios.  Anyone can intervene in role play. Yell Freeze then become an additional character or replace a character and say whatever you want to say to change the situation.
Break for 10 minutes
(30 minutes) Role Play-   –5 minutes to explain  break into Groups of 3 –five minutes per scenario –
(20 minutes) Reflection as a group –- what was that like for you??
(5 minutes)  one word – how you feelin’? 
(10 minute) Evaluation – plus minus delta –Would you want to do this again?
Closing – Thank You. Resources. Keep track of your stories for next. Agenda for Confronting Racism in Conversation August 12th 2012

AGENDA: This meeting was planned by a multi-racial group
Intro: (25 min)
-Welcome! Logistics. Agenda
-Go around – name, what neighborhood you live in, why here or why back? And pronoun
Re-cap from last time
Relate: why is this personally important to you? – first journal and then small groups (30 min)
Role plays: small groups (1 hour) follow link to our suggested scenarios
25 min in group of three
10 min check in
25 min in new group of three
Caucus or Break out: Two groups – White People in One and People of Color in one.
What do you as white people struggle with in your life pertaining to racism as white people?
What are the solutions/strategies? What do you as people of color with struggle in your life pertaining ot racism? What are the solutions/strategies?
(30 min)
report back (20 min)
debrief/eval (10 min)

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