2015 Summer Study Group

Announcement! WHAT’S UP!? will be hosting a 7 Week Summer Session Study Group for white-identified people dedicated to unlearning racism and to discuss challenging white supremacy within ourselves and the world. Every session centers on a specific topic as it relates to racism. This summer session will include discussions of climate change, gentrification and policing. Our time together each week is informed by readings and videos posted online. Check out syllabi from former study groups.

Recently, a member of What’s Up generously offered to host this summer’s study group at her home. If we use her space, our meeting room would be at the top of three narrow flights of stairs. If you would like to attend but believe that this location is restrictive to your participation, please let us know ASAP. If you have access to a free meetings space that can accompany individuals with diverse mobilities, please let us know that too.

We choose to meet at a private home for a variety of reasons. Unlearning racism is work that requires honesty, humility and a willingness to be vulnerable, and by extension teachable. A meeting space that allows privacy supports participants doing the necessary, hard work. We ask that study group members make a commitment to attending all meetings. We are building trust amongst group members so consistency is key. Additionally, we ask that participants prepare for study group sessions by completing the readings and/or watch online materials.

Meetings will be held from 7:30pm to 9:30pm on either Monday nights or Thursday nights. When RSVP’ing, please let us know your preference, and we will hold our study group meetings on the night that will accompany the most people’s schedules. Our first study group meeting is scheduled for the second to last week of June (June 21-27). Are you interested? Please RSVP to kinetictornado@gmail.com or call 804 822 6955 by June 14th. Questions welcome! We are capping enrollment at 16, so please be in touch soon!

PLEASE FORWARD to Pittsburgh area white person you think might want to participate.

A few additional things you need to know… 

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