Websites and Articles on Queer Issues

Gay Racism and the myth of black homophobia- youtube video

Shit people say to sick and disabled queers Found on HOAX / CrunkFeminist Collective

How can white queers be more inclusive of queer poc’s? This site is about racism on grinder. The gay hook up app.

Racism in queer community what can white people do? This article is on jstore and i couldn’t read it tho..i’m trying to get it.

Queer Women of Color Media Wire

Queer Rage from lgbt students of color – poetry performance critiques marriage politics and is badass

Racist Queers in Seattle?

Flag Wars- This documentary explores –  What happens when gay white homebuyers move into a working-class black neighborhood?

The Feminist Wire – From one white gay male to another calling out the implicit racism in Dan Savage’s liberal politics in the it gets better campaign

Casual Racism on Tumblr

Queer Mental Health 

Sweet Tea Proclamation On defining queer male privilege and more

My Feet Only Walk Forward: Equality Sucks!  Equality Sucks! I’d rather be called a n#!$%! than be called equal. Wanna know why? Read my new blog entry.

Jumping Beyond the Broom: Why Black Gay and Transgender Americans Need More Than Marriage

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